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Wylder Space

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Kitchen Staff, Bartenders, Servers
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Wylder Space is an up and coming catering business based out of the Santa Cruz Mountains. We are looking for highly motivated and experienced individuals. We do events ranging from small private dinners to larger scale wedding/events. At Wylder Space, we are known for our genuine hospitality and love of our craft. We strive to capture your vision and leave your guests feeling like they've been a part of something extraordinary and uniquely yours. We aren't the typical cookie cutter, one size fits all catering or event design co. Wylder Space is an expression of our love for life, people, & entertaining. We take your vision, package it, wrap it neatly and tie it together with a satin bow. Please take a look at our website and if you feel like you're going to be an amazing addition to our team or have questions please reply to this ad with your resume. Weekend availability is a must. Wylder Space is a lifestyle built on a solid foundation of friends, family and bringing people together with vibrant food, drinks and holding a space in which to do so. We know where we want to go and are carving our path to get there, we’d love for you to join us & we can all enjoy the ride.

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